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Red Thinkers see things differently.
We look at a challenge from a different
perspective to tackle a situation with
unconventional methods.

It’s vivid, dynamic, and active.

It is the color of our clients.

What happens when you stand out from the crowd? You get noticed. Clients gravitate to you.
Your business thrives. How do you stand out? Brand marketing with Red Thinking.

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Red Strategy

When you’ve worked hard to build your firm’s reputation, you want to keep that fine reputation intact.

Red Design

We live in a visual world. How your company looks matters.

Red Brands

Brand research sets the record straight and provides the direction — and confidence — you’ll need to build preference in the marketplace.


  • My initial reaction is WOW! I just realized that the text on the brochure is identical to what we provided. Amazing difference – my reaction in reading it on a blank page was negative, while seeing it in a brochure was positive. VERY nice job in laying this out.

    Rick Lawhun, President & CEO , ACPPA